The NCNA was formed to bring together in fellowship persons, numismatic clubs and kindred organizations interested in the science of numismatics, to advance the science of numismatics, to promote educational and charitable activities in the field of numismatics, and to foster and promote the formation of clubs throughout North Carolina whose members are interested in the science of numismatics.


The “North Carolina Numismatic Association” was originally formed in 1959 as the “North Carolina Coin Clubs Association.” The founding fathers purpose was to bring together local coin clubs and their members, as well as those interested in numismatics to areas where no local clubs were available.

The hope that one centralized state organization could help to bring benefits to the local area for additional education, promotion and assistance in maintaining and forming local clubs. The NCNA is continuing to attempt to do so. At present there are 25 Clubs within the State as well as neighboring States that participate in the efforts.

The Directors and Officers of the NCNA are continually looking for ways that they can help to provide educational opportunities and additional benefits for it’s Membership.

One of the benefits is a traveling Young Numismatist Program that is available to all Clubs for use at local Club shows and school presentations.

A speaker program is also available to the local Clubs for their use that provide informative information that can be presented at their meetings.

The Association holds an annual convention in the fall of each year. In addition to a bourse, where members and non-members alike can trade numismatic collectibles, the Association provides space and display cases for educational numismatic exhibits. Individuals compete for first, second, and third place prizes that are awarded at the convention banquet and member clubs compete for Best Club exhibit. The convention always draws many informative and well-crafted exhibits.

The Association also publishes a quarterly journal, the NCNA Journal. It features a president’s message, interesting articles written by members, a coin show calendar, profiles of member clubs, and advertisements from member dealers.

Click here to see the current NCNA Code of Ethics.

Click here to see the current NCNA bylaws (revised February 13, 2016).

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