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October 3rd – October 6th, 2024

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In The News

Hello YNs of all ages. We have great news for the Young Numismatists of North Carolina. The NCNA board passed a resolution to sponsor a YN to go to the American Numismatic Association Summer Seminar for the classes in 2022.

For all YNs out there reading this and YN coordinators of North Carolina clubs,  this is an exciting development!

This should be a fun time for anyone that would like to apply for the NCNA scholarship. It will give you a chance to expand your knowledge of coins and a chance to open up a world of service and mentoring that will prove valuable to you in the future.

There will be hard work! But, it is in your hobby and you’ll have fun doing it.

The ANA Summer Seminar has many classes on a variety of topics, from grading coins to learning about ancients; additional classes include specific series,  i.e. Indian cents, tokens, photography, etc. Also, there are auctions, book sales, the Money Museum, side trips in and around the area and a week in the summer in beautiful Colorado Springs.

View the YN Programs for more information. So for all of you who are interested, start having fun now. Here are some suggestions that will assist you in applying:

  • Check out the ANA’s Summer Seminar Scholarship application. Many of the requirements will overlap.
  • Present a talk at your local club.
  • Write an article for the NCNA Journal or any other publication.
  • Mentor some of the younger members of your club or at school.
  • Assist at your club’s show.
  • Consider the areas of numismatics that you enjoy and what you are doing to increase your knowledge in that area.

These are just some suggestions to get you started and to make the completion of the application that much easier.

Click on Fun Facts and Word Searches for YN coordinators to use or any member can download for their own entertainment. New ones are added regularly.

Remember, have fun with the hobby and you will build memories for life!

Til next time.

Bob Pedolsky

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