Fun Facts



1) Prior to 1942 the Mint sold uncirculated coins individually to collectors upon request.

2) From 1942 to 1946, groups of two coins from each mint were sold in cloth shipping bags with minimal protection.

3)The Treasury sold Uncirculated Mint sets from 1947-1958 in cardboard holders that did not protect the coins from tarnishing. The set contained two examples of each regular-issue coin.

4 )Since 1959, the sets have been shipped in protective plastic envelopes which have evolved over the years.

5) No Uncirculated Mint sets were made in 1950, 1982, or 1983.

6) Special Mint Sets were issued in 1965, 1966, and 1967, when the Mint did not produce Proof Sets. The coins included were of higher-than-normal quality than usual in Uncirculated Mint sets.

7) For 1982 and 1983 both Philadelphia and Denver sold Souvenir Sets at their gift shops!

8) The 1976-s, silver clad 3-piece bicentennial uncirculated sets have the highest mintage of all uncirculated sets at 4,908,319.

9) The 2009 set had 36 coins, the most of any year.

10) The 1996 set had a West Point dime for the 50th anniversary of the Roosevelt dime.



                                                                         FUN FACTS



1) Eisenhower dollars were minted 1971-1978 for circulation. They were designed by Chief Engraver
Frank Gasparro.

2) The reverse was adapted from the original Apollo 11 insignia, ( the first landing on the moon).

3) The reverse shows the Eagle landing on the moon with the Earth in the background.

4) In 197,1 the reverse was changed three different times. Mostly changing the definition of the Earth.

5) Collector coins were made in 40% silver, sold in brown boxes for proofs, and blue envelopes for uncirculated (1971-1974).

6) For the bicentennial, the reverse was changed to the Liberty Bell superimposed over the moon and the date was 1776-1976.

7) The reverse on the bicentennial coins also had two different varieties, bold letters and thin letters.

8) Dwight D. Eisenhower was born Oct 14, 1890 and died March 28, 1969.

9) General Eisenhower was a five star general and supreme commander of the allied forces in Europe during World War ll.

10) Eisenhower was elected president in 1952 and served as the 34th president from 1953-1961.

11) His campaign slogan was “I Like Ike”.

12) As president, he is known for establishing the Interstate Highway System and the beginning of the space program.

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