YN Program


To all the Young Numismatists, and all of you who are young at heart, let me introduce myself.  I am the new YN coordinator for NCNA, Bob Pedolsky.

Over the past 15 years or so, I have been the YN coordinator of the Charlotte Coin Club. If any of you have been to  one of the club shows and wondered what the balloons were about, that was part of the Treasure Hunt that we have done for all the kids who have attended.

At the YN table, we had many “Treasure Bags” and other items to give the YNs for completing the Treasure Hunt,  in addition were items sale for adults which raised money  to support the YN program of the Charlotte Coin Club.

The past two years we have raised enough money to send one of our teenagers to  Colorado for the ANA Summer Seminars. He helped by earning partial scholarships (well deserved).

I have talked to Jeff McCauslin who did a great job as NCNA’s previous YN coordinator, and learned a lot from his experience.

Jeff did an excellent job on education and having interactive games for the YNs. I am planning to incorporate some aspects from Jeff’s ideas and my program and, hopefully, give all the YNs a more complete experience with the great hobby of coin collecting.

Some of the ideas that you will see in the near future are

  • a list of programs that are offered to young collectors through different hobby organizations
  • disseminate information to other YN coordinators throughout the state
  • have easy to use programs to give clubs  to use at meetings ways to encourage YNs and mentor programs for older YNs
  • In addition will be adding YN programs on the web site have that can be printed out, such as Fun Facts and Word Searches.

These programs, which I have used over the years, are effective for groups of varying ages.

Thank you in advance for all your encouragement in furthering the NCNA YN program. If you have any questions or ideas, you can reach me at rpedolsky@carolina.rr.com or 704-408-8511.

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