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The NCNA Journal is designed to keep members updated with current coin club news around the state and information relevant to the numismatic community nationwide. From a wonderful variety of educational articles to a calendar of regional coin shows, the NCNA Journal is North Carolina’s source for news of current numismatic events. Be sure to check out our dedicated advertisers as well. Below, you are able to view past issues of the Journal in full color!

2023 Issues

(2023 Issue 1)

2022 Issues

(2022 Issue 4)
(2022 Issue 3)
(2022 Issue 2)
(2022 Issue 1)

2021 Issues

(2021 Issue 4)
(2021 Issue 3)
(2021 Issue 2)
(2021 Issue 1)

2020 Issues

(2020 Issue 4)
(2020 Issue 3)
(2020 Issue 2)
(2020 Issue 1)

2019 Issues

(2019 Issue 2)
(2019 Issue 1)
(2019 February Newsletter)

2018 Issues

(2018 Issue 3)
(2018 Issue 2)
(2018 Issue 1)

2017 Issues

(2017 Issue 4)
(2017 Issue 3)
(2017 Issue 2)
(2017 Issue 1)

2016 Issues

(2016 Issue 4)
(2016 Issue 3)
(2016 Issue 2)
(2016 Issue 1)

2015 Issues

Fall (2015 Issue 4)
Summer (2015 Issue 3)
Spring (2015 Issue 2)
Winter (2015 Issue 1)

2014 Issues

January-March (2014 Issue 1)
April-June (2014 Issue 2)
July-October (2014 Issue 3)
November-December (2014 Issue 4)

2013 Issues

Spring (First Issue)
Summer Issue
Convention Celebration Issue
December Issue

2012 Issues

October – December (Fall Issue)

The NCNA thanks the authors that contribute so graciously to our Journal.

Contact Greg Cheek, Journal Editor, at if you are interested in submitting an article.



What better way to promote your business than to advertise while supporting a worthwhile, non-profit organization? For the last 50 years, the NCNA has been promoting and furthering the cause of numismatics in the Southeast. The goal of any business is to maintain serious, repeat customers. We are proud to be a destination for serious collectors. Collectors and dealers who are serious about being informed when it comes to happenings in the state and the country in relation to coin collecting come here. They visit this site and subscribe to the NCNA journal. Now you can support this organization that benefits the numismatic community while reaching an audience filled with serious-minded individuals.

NCNA Journal Advertising Rates

Ad SpaceOne IssueAnnual (4 Issues)
One-Third Page$20$60
Half Page$30$100
Full Page$60$200

The rates listed above are for camera ready ads. The NCNA will design a custom ad for your business should you choose. A one-time design fee will apply for such ads. To maintain high standards in publishing, the Journal editor reserves the right to request ad copy of higher quality before printing your ad.

Contact the Journal editor for questions.


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